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Manufacturers of sports equipment and consumer products use force and torque measurement to help characterize the performance and quality of their products. From testing the force required to open a refrigerator door to the strength of a tennis racquet frame, Mark-10 can help achieve quality control objectives through force and torque measurement.

  • Ski flex testing
  • Goggle strap pull testing
  • Tennis ball compression testing
  • Lace break strength
  • Elongation testing of elastomers, plastics, and other materials
  • Peel testing of packaging materials
  • Wire crimp pull testing
  • Spring testing
  • Dial torque testing
  • Hinge torque testing
  • Toy component pull-off testing
  • Foam compression testing
  • Switch activation force
Case Studies
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Typical Systems
typical Systems

A Mark-10 system can be as simple as a handheld gauge, or a more capable test stand-based system with choice of gauge, grips, data collection software, and accessories. A wide range of system components is available, enabling the configuration of a system suited to the requirements of specific applications. Click here to learn more.


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