Measuring Stapler Actuation Force


The average consumer pays relatively little attention to the actuation force of a stapler, as long as it operates properly. To avoid situations in which actuation is too difficult or too sensitive for the consumer, a stapler manufacturer tasked Mark-10 with developing a testing solution.

How Mark-10 Helped:

Although relatively straightforward upon first glance, effectively measuring this force required special fixtures. Because a stapler uses a hinge, the actuation path is arc-shaped. Accordingly, Mark-10's engineers and machinists designed and produced a custom fixture with an arm and pivot design. The force gauge pivots about the hinge, reflecting the actuation path. Multiple nest sizes were provided, to accommodate a variety of stapler footprints.

A motorized test stand produces a consistent rate of speed, so that multiple tests can be compared using the same test parameters. The lower limit switch is positioned to prevent over-travel and over-load. A force gauge captures the peak force and outputs data to a PC for further analysis. Several such testers are used in plants around the globe.

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