Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mark-10 instruments capture peak readings in both directions?

Yes, all of our force measuring instruments capture tensile and compressive peak forces, and our torque measuring instruments capture peak torque readings in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

In some pictures, force gauges have their loading shafts positioned on top and on some on the bottom. Do I need to specify which model I need?

No. All Mark-10 force gauges feature a unique reversible housing that allows for up or down orientation, while preserving the display and keypad in an upright, easily readable position. We normally ship gauges with the shaft down, but we’ll gladly reverse it for you before shipping, if requested.

What is the thread size for mounting attachments to Mark-10 force gauges?

Models with capacities up to 100 lbF utilize #10-32 UNF male thread. Models with 200 lbF and 500 lbF capacities utilize 5/16-18 UNC male thread.

Models with capacities from 750 lbF to 2,000 lbF utilize 1/2-20 UNC female thread.

American and metric thread adapters are available to accommodate a variety of grips and fixtures.

What does the accuracy statement "±0.3% of full scale" mean?

This is an accuracy statement indicating that the instrument is accurate to within 0.3% of the full measuring range. In case of a Model M3-100 force gauge the above accuracy statement means that the measurement may have an error of up to 0.3 lbF anywhere on the scale (0 to 100 lbF). For this reason it is recommended to choose a gauge with a maximum capacity as close as possible to the measured load. More info.

What does “Capacity x Resolution” mean, for example “100 x 0.02 lbF”?

“100” denotes a maximum force range of 100 lbF, while “0.02” refers to a resolution (displayed increment size) of 0.02 lbF. More info.

What is the minimum recommended measuring range of your instruments?

All of our instruments are suitable for measuring from 0 to the indicated capacity. However, lower measurements are subject to greater errors, as a percentage of reading. More info.

Is there an extra charge for a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration?

Most Mark-10 instruments include a standard calibration certificate at no extra charge. Some instruments include a certificate with 10 data points in each measuring direction, while for others a certificate with data is optional or a certificate of conformance is supplied. More info.

I require calibration to ISO 17025. Who can I contact?

Many of our distributors are accredited to ISO 17025 for force and torque calibration. Click “Where To Buy” to locate a distributor with suitable capabilities near you.

Click here for our US distributor listing or here for our international distributor listing.

How often should my Mark-10 instrument be calibrated?

We recommend calibration once a year. However, heavy use or your company’s policy may necessitate more frequent calibrations or accuracy verifications.

Where should I send my Mark-10 instrument for repair or calibration?

We are fully equipped to provide expert repair and NIST-traceable calibration services at our factory in New York, as well as our European Service Center in Switzerland.

Click here for instructions on the RMA process. Many of our distributors also provide on-site and off-site services. Click “Where To Buy” to locate a distributor with suitable capabilities near you.

Do I need any mounting adapters for installing a Mark-10 gauge on a test stand?

Usually not. With few exceptions, any Mark-10 force gauge mounts to any Mark-10 test stand. Gauge mounting plates are also available for adaptation to other actuators or fixtures.

Why is my instrument working fine in one direction, but is indicating overload before reaching its capacity in the opposite direction?

This usually indicates a partial overload where the sensor was overstressed far enough to create a permanent shift in zero balance, but not far enough to break the conductors on the strain gauges. There’s a small chance that the sensor is repairable, but normally a replacement is required. This can be done at our factory or by certain distributors.

Are your grips sold per pair or per piece?

Grip pricing is per piece, unless otherwise indicated.

How long is your warranty?

All Mark-10 products are covered by a three year warranty for materials and workmanship. Please see individual warranty statements for details.

How do I obtain technical support? Is there a charge?

Mark-10 offers free, no-hassle, unlimited technical support for the lifetime of the product. Call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST, or contact us at any time.