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Partner / OEM Products

The modular and flexible design of Mark-10 products has facilitated their integration into a wide range of third party testing instruments. The below list highlights some application-specific testers designed by Mark-10 distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and tooling/automation specialists.

For detailed information and pricing, contact the Mark-10 partner listed on the respective webpage.

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ISO / IEC 10373-1
Credit Card Peel Tester
Measures peeling force of a card’s laminate layer
Specially designed fixture accommodates credit cards, ID cards, gift cards, and other cards
Available from JLW Instruments
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Score Bend Tester
Measures bending force of fiber board materials and plastics
Specially designed fixture ensures a 90° angle
Available from S. A. Meier Company
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ISO 80369 / ISO 594 Luer Lock Torque Tester
Measures medical luer lock torque under a controlled axial force
Conforms to ISO 80369-7 / ISO 594
Specially designed gage and loading fixture ensure sample is properly engaged
Available from Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc.
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Pneumatic Wire Crimp
Pull Testers
Measure wire terminal removal force
Pneumatic actuation, no electric components besides the force gauge
Available from LeTroLaq Tooling
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Spot Weld Tester
Measures pull force of spot-welded test samples
5,000 lbF (25 kN) capacity
Simple, manual actuation
Available from S. A. Meier Company
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TAPPI T541 Z-directional / Ply Bond Tensile Tester
Measures the internal fiber bond strength of paper and paper board
Compresses to a programmed load, holds for a period of time, then measures separation pull force
Available from Dektron, Inc.

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