Peel Testers

Mark-10 Peel Testers consist of several components, each of which are available separately. Configure your peel tester from a wide range of force gauges, test stands, grips, and accessories. See the list of items below for details.

Shown at left: ESM303 test stand with Series 5 force gauge and G1008 film and paper grips

Mark-10 Peel Testers consist of the following:

1. Test stand - produces the force necessary for the test

2. Force Gauge - measures the force produced on the test sample

3. Grips and fixtures - many types of grips are available. All Mark-10 gauges and test stands have fixing threads to allow for alternative fixture mounting.

Application close-ups:

180° peel test using G1008 manually tightened grips

180° peel test using G1046 pneumatic grips

90° peel test using G1109 fixture

180° degree peel test using a G1008 upper grip, G1061-2 lower grip, and a support plate

Loop tack test using G1098 fixture