US Service Center

If sending in an instrument for calibration, repair, return, or any other services, request an RMA number from Mark-10 by filling out and submitting the RMA web form:

RMA Form  

European Service Center

If sending in an instrument for calibration, repair, return, or any other services, request an RMA number from our European Service Center.

Click here for contact details. Follow this link for further information and downloadable RMA forms in English and German:

Information and pricing below reflects services performed at Mark-10's US Service Center.


Calibration of Mark-10 instruments is recommended approximately once per year. Heavy usage or company policy may necessitate more frequent calibration. We have a fully equipped climate-controlled calibration laboratory and are capable of providing quick turnaround. All calibrated gauges and sensors include a NIST-traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate.

Gauges and sensors sent back to Mark-10 for re-calibration include a certificate showing 10 data points in each direction (tension / compression or clockwise / counter-clockwise). "As found" data can also be supplied upon request.

Sample Certificates of Calibration
Service No. Description Price
SVC001 Calibration, force or torque measuring instrument, with NIST certificate with data $260.00
SVC001-04 Calibration, Series F test frame, speed and distance $395.00


Should any Mark-10 product appear to be malfunctioning, we have a repair facility and skilled technicians that can diagnose and repair any problems quickly.

Service No. Description Price
SVC006 Load cell replacement & calibration, force gauge / TT01 / TT02 / TT05, w/NIST cert w/data $450.00
SVC008 Sensor replacement & calibration, torque gauge/sensor, w/NIST cert w/data $610.00
SVC013 Non-warranty repair, force or torque measuring instrument (excluding sensor replacement) $240.00
SVC011 Evaluation fee (if repair is not performed) $95.00

If sending in a Mark-10 item for repair, request an RMA number and complete the RMA form (downloadable above) before doing so. Include the completed form in the box with the instrument. Note that if you would like the item returned without repair following an evaluation and quotation, a $95.00 evaluation fee will apply.

Upgrade Old Sensors to Plug & Test®

Legacy force and torque sensors used with the legacy BGI indicator may be upgraded for compatibility with Models M5I and M3I indicators through Plug & Test® technology, by replacing the connector at our factory.

Service No. Description Price
SVC014 Upgrade, BGI connector to Plug & Test® connector, with NIST certificate with data $295.00
Price above includes calibration with NIST-traceable certificate with data.

Sample Evaluation

Our knowledgeable applications engineering team can evaluate a small number of samples to determine the appropriate equipment for your application. Please contact us for further information.


We have the resources and capabilities to provide solutions to many custom testing requirements. Typical modifications we have performed include test stand column length modifications, adding additional functionality to motorized test stand controllers, custom fixtures, and more.