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Since 1979, Mark-10 products have helped quality control, manufacturing, and research professionals around the globe assess and ensure product quality.

Industries Served:

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

Medical devices and pharmaceutical products must conform to numerous industry and internally developed standards to ensure proper functioning and patient safety. To assess their performance and quality, Mark-10 force and torque measurement products can be critical. From measuring syringe activation force to pill crush force to suture strength, Mark-10 products are trusted by medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers every day.

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Automobiles, recreational vehicles, trucks, and all manner of motor vehicles contain countless components and assemblies that must be thoroughly tested during the design, production, and quality control phases. Force and torque measurement is an essential part of ensuring vehicle performance and safety. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely upon Mark-10 products everday for applications as varied as spring testing, rotary dial torque testing, torque tool testing, and many others.

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Springs are vital components employed in many products we use and rely upon everyday, from automobiles to medical devices. Measuring the spring rate, or relationship between force or torque and deflection, is a common requirement to ensure proper functioning in the spring's intended application. Mark-10 force and torque measurement products can help to characterize springs at the manufacturing site, during incoming inspection, or as part of a final assembly quality check.

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From component manufacturers to aircraft assemblers to airlines and militaries, force and torque measurement is a critical in ensuring passenger safety and aircraft performance. Whether conforming to international or internally developed standards, Mark-10 force and torque measurement products are used every day in applications as diverse as wire crimp pull testing, spring testing, fastener torque testing, and many others.

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Several key performance indicators of electronics involve the use of force measurement. Components must be soldered or otherwise joined such that the assembly withstands the rigors of time and mechanical stresses. Individual components, printed circuit boards, wiring, and finished assemblies are tested using Mark-10 products in virtually every industry, from aerospace to consumer products to medical devices. Typical applications include tensile, bend, pull-off, shear, adhesive/bond, peel, delamination, and other forces to help ensure product performance and reliability.

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Whether the packaged product is a medical device, a container of yogurt, or a part of a jumbo jet, proper packaging is an essential consideration for any manufacturer. Packaging must adequately secure the contents, yet also be cost effective and simple for the user to remove and reuse.

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Consumer Products & Sports Equipment

Manufacturers of sports equipment and consumer products use force and torque measurement to help characterize the performance and quality of their products. From testing the force required to open a refrigerator door to the strength of a tennis racquet frame, Mark-10 can help achieve quality control objectives through force and torque measurement.

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Ergonomics Testing & Job Task Analysis

To ensure employee safety and compliance with OSHA and other standards, job task analysis and ergonomic assessment are critical. Mark-10 ergonomics testing kits measure the force required to push, pull, and lift, thereby ensuring compliance to regulatory and internally developed standards. Such kits may also be used for muscle strength testing.

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Food & Beverage

To ensure the safety and accessiblity of food and beverages, Mark-10 force and torque measurement products may be used for a large number of applications. From measuring the force required to open a bag of chips to assessing the ripeness of fruit to measuring the top load force of stacked cartons, food and beverage manufacturers and their suppliers rely upon Mark-10 products every day.

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Other Industries

The number of applications for Mark-10 force and torque measurement products in the manufacturing industry is virtually unlimited. From automotive to aerospace to consumer products, manufacturers of all types, sizes, and industries rely upon Mark-10 products to assess and ensure product quality in-process, post-process, and as part of research and development.

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About Mark-10

Mark-10 is a fully integrated US designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement solutions. Family-owned since 1979, we're proud of our history of innovation, quality, and service.

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