Automobiles, recreational vehicles, trucks, and all manner of motor vehicles contain countless components and assemblies that must be thoroughly tested during the design, production, and quality control phases. Force and torque measurement is an essential part of ensuring vehicle performance and safety. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely upon Mark-10 products everyday for applications as varied as spring testing, rotary dial torque testing, torque tool testing, and many others.


  • Switch activation force
  • Ergonomics / job task analysis
  • Rotary dial torque
  • Torque tool calibration
  • Seat belt retraction force
  • Job task analysis
  • Fastener torque testing
  • Ignition switch torque measurement
  • Turn signal stalk activation testing
  • Wire terminal crimp pull testing
  • Spring testing
  • Bearing torque testing
  • Coefficient of friction testing
  • Windshield wiper arm force