Hand Sanitizer Packaging Analysis

Goal: To assess the durability and ergonomics of hand sanitizer packaging through quantitative analysis.

Products Used

Test Procedure

Flip Cap Pull Test

The home position is set so that the point of the G1104 Flip Cap Pull Grip is directly underneath the lip of the flip cap. The crosshead moves upwards until there is a 40% drop in load indicating a break.

Pump Compression Test

The crosshead moves downward 0.6", fully compressing the pump.

Results: Pump Compression Test

A: The pump is compressed, but no hand sanitizer is dispensed. The pump is pushing against air trapped in the system.

B: There is a small drop in force caused by the air being released. Hand sanitizer starts dispensing.

C: The force increases consistently as the pump spring is compressed. The hand sanitizer creates consistant resitance as it is dispensed.


The resulting graph is not linear as expected. Air trapped in the system causes the force to peak quickly before it is released and the hand sanitizer starts to dispense.

Results: Flip Cap Break Test

Results View:

In the results view we can see the results for each run including date, time and max. load (lbF). Statistics based on the data for all 5 runs are also shown including maximum, minimum, mean, standard deviation, and variance for the max. load column.

Graph View:

The graph view makes it easy to identify the outlier within the batch (run 4).


4 out of 5 samples passed. Sample #4 failed because the peak force was above the upper limit of 0.5 lbF. This indicates that there is a quality issue with sample #4, causing the flip cap to be abnormally difficult to open.

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