Keyswitch Actuation Force Measurement

Goal: To analyze tactile feedback and switching characteristics of various keyswitches via force vs. distance measurement.

Products Used

Test Procedure

The home position is set so that the Rubber Tip (G1011) is directly above the keyswitch actuator. A multistep test is configured in IntelliMESUR®:

  1. Move down 4.0 mm, speed: 60.0 mm/min
  2. Move up 4.0 mm, speed: 60.0 mm/min
  3. Plot force vs. distance and record maximum force for each run.


Tactile feedback is quantifiably represented by a plot of force vs. distance in the compression and release strokes, as shown in the following different switch types:

Sample 1 - Linear

Initial Force: 0.305 N
Max. Compression: 0.507 N

Sample 2 - Linear

Initial Force: 0.36 N
Max. Compression: 0.656 N

Sample 3 - Clicky / Tactile

Initial Force: 0.335 N
Max. Compression: 0.662 N

Sample 4 - Clicky / Tactile

Initial Force: 0.285 N
Max. Compression: 0.581 N

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