Verifying Goggle Component Quality and Durability


TYR Sport, a manufacturer of swimwear and athletic gear, upgraded their incoming inspection and material characterization processes through the use of Mark-10 force measurement equipment.

Of principal interest to TYR's Engineering and Quality staff was the strength and durability of the company's swim goggles. Various components of the goggles require testing, including the rubber straps and lens bridge. Several types of tests were developed:

  • Pull rubber strapping to a specified force, and hold for a specified time, then cycle multiple times
  • Pull rubber strapping to destruction, and record force vs. displacement curve
  • Pull at the lens rims to apply a minimum force to the bridge, and hold for a specified time
How Mark-10 Helped:

TYR contacted Mark-10 to configure a universal system which addresses these, and other, applications. Mark-10's equipment was up to the task, consisting of an ESM301 test stand with force gauge and several types of grips. Our engineers and machinists designed and fabricated custom fixtures for the lens bridge test, shown at left. Data collection software records the data for the destructive tests, providing curves, tabulated data, statistics, and customizable reports.

The small footprint of the system easily settled into the TYR's busy Farmingdale, NY facility, and was quickly mastered by the staff.

Products used:

“Mark-10 was helpful throughout the configuration and post-sale process - evaluating our samples, helping us define our testing procedures, and supplying a custom solution in only two weeks. After receiving the equipment, Mark-10 supported us with training and prompt technical assistance. Their products perform well day-in, day-out, and our staff is very pleased with their reliability and ease of use.”

- Dick Wang, TYR Sport, Inc.

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