Certificates Of Calibration and Conformance

Expand any of the below panels to see example certificates of calibration and conformance.

Standard Certificate

Basic certificate included with new indicators, Series 3 force gauges, Series TT01, TT02, TT03, and TT05 torque testers, and WT3-201 / WT3-201M wire crimp pull testers. A certificate of calibration with data is available for an additional charge of $80 (see below) for all above instruments, except indicators.

Certificate With Data

Shows 10 data points in each direction (tension/compression or clockwise/counter-clockwise).

Included with new Series 7, 5, 4 and E gauges, and Plug & Test® sensors, and available with some other instruments for an additional charge of $80. Also supplied with any instruments re-calibrated by Mark-10. As found / as left data can be supplied upon request.

Certificate of Conformance

Included with new Series 2 force gauges.