Spring Testers

Mark-10 Spring Testers consist of several components, each of which are available separately. Configure your spring tester from a wide range of force gauges, test stands, grips, and accessories. See the list of items below for details.


Shown at left: ESM303 test stand with Series 5 force gauge, and 3" dia. compression plate

Mark-10 Spring Testers consist of the following:

1. Test stand - produces the force necessary for the test. All Mark-10 force test stands produce both tensile and compressive force.

2. Force gauge - measures the force exerted on the spring. All Mark-10 force gauges measure both tensile and compressive force

3. Grips and fixtures - compression plates, hooks, and other grips are available. All Mark-10 gauges and test stands have fixing threads to allow for alternative fixture mounting.

Application close-ups:
Compression spring test   Tension spring test
Torsion spring test
(Performed with a Torque Tester)

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