A wide selection of attachments, cables, adapters, and other accessories are available for Mark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, test frames, and sensors.

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Power and Communication

AC Adapters

  • AC1030, AC1031, AC1032, AC1035
  • For use with all Mark-10 force gauges and torque gauges
  • 110V and 220V versions available
  • $45

Rechargeable Battery

  • AC1118
  • For use with all Mark-10 force gauges and torque gauges powered by rechargeable batteries
  • $20

Adapter for Series FS Force Sensors

  • AC1083, AC1084
  • Adapts a Series FS force sensor or PTAF sensor adapter to Plug & Test® type interface
  • $415

Communication Cables

  • AC1104, AC1105, AC1107, AC1108, AC1109, AC1110, AC1111, AC1112, AC1113, AC1114, AC1115, AC1116, AC1106, AC1101, AC1102, AC1103
  • For data output from a force gauge or torque gauge to a PC or other devices
  • From $30

Communication Adapters

  • RSU100, MU100, UXU100
  • RS-232 to USB
  • Mitutoyo to USB
  • UXU100 EasyMESUR to USB
  • From $135

Footswitch for Series 7 Force Gauges / M7I Indicator

  • AC1051
  • Perform up to 3 consecutive gauge functions with one footswitch actuation
  • $205


Eye end adapters

  • Prevent grip rotation
  • Quick grip installation and removal
  • 15.8 mm dia. sizing, compatible with most load cells, test frames, force gauges, and grips/fixtures
  • Available as individual components or kits

Indicator / Load Cell Mounting Kit For ESM303

  • AC1062
  • For mounting an indicator and Series R01 or R03 load cell to an ESM303 test stand
  • $265

Indicator / Torque Gauge Test Stand Mounting Kit

  • AC1004
  • For mounting an indicator or TT03 to any TS-series test stand
  • $100

Tabletop Stand For Indicators & TT03

  • AC1100
  • Adjustable angle
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • $175

Force Gauge Handle Grips

  • AC1002, AC1002-1, AC1003, AC1003-1
  • Ergonomics testing, muscle strength evaluation, job task analysis applications
  • From $100

Inline Adapters for Force Gauges

  • AC1073-1, AC1073-2,
  • Permit inline pull testing with a force gauge 500 lbF (2.5 kN) capacity
  • From $120

Mark-10 Gauge Mounting Kits

  • AC1052, AC1058
  • For mounting Mark-10 gauges in various configurations
  • From $60

Competitor Gauge / Test Stand Mounting Kits

  • AC1020, AC1021, AC1022, AC1023, AC1024, AC1025, AC1037, AC1038, AC1039, AC1040, AC1041, AC1042, AC1061, AC1069
  • For mounting competitor force gauges to Mark-10 test stands, and vice versa
  • From $90

Axial Compensator

  • AC1029
  • Allows for axial movement during a torque test
  • Ideal for bottle cap and fastener testing
  • $230

Tabletop mounting kits for torque sensors

  • AC1006, AC1007, AC1010
  • For mounting an R50, R52, or R55 torque sensor to a work bench
  • From $75

Torque Sensor - Test Stand Mounting Kits

  • AC1015, AC1016
  • For mounting Series R51 and certain Series R55 torque sensors to a torque test stand
  • $75

Test Frame Accessories

Double column extensions

  • AC1095-1, AC1095-2, AC1095-3
  • For extending F105, F305, F505, and ESM303 to multiple heights
  • From $1,925

Shields for Test Frames

  • AC1092-1, AC1092-2
  • Provide pinch and sample debris protection for the operator
  • From $2,370


  • AC1093
  • 4 USB ports
  • Compatible with Series F test frames
  • $295

Test Stand Mounting Kit for R01 / R03 Sensors

  • AC1018
  • For mounting Series R01 or R03 sensor to a force test stand
  • $120

Calibration Kits

Calibration Kit for Cap Torque Testers

  • AC1036
  • Compatible with Series TT01 and legacy Series CTA and CT
  • Weights not included
  • $760

Calibration Kit for Wire Crimp Pull Testers

  • AC1049
  • Set of attachments to calibrate WT3-200 / WT3-201 / WT3-201M wire terminal pull tester
  • Weights not included
  • $1,000

Inversion Plate for Deadweight Calibration on Series F Test Frames

  • AC1130
  • Inverts test frame position to permit deadweight calibration in tension and compression directions
  • Weights and compression cage not included
  • $850.00