Safety Shields for Test Frames

AC1092-1, AC1092-2, AC1092-3, AC1092-4

Provides pinch and sample debris protection for the operator. An electrical interlock prevents test frame operation while the door is open. The test frame’s control panel and remote emergency stop (applicable models, only) mount to the shield’s extruded frame. See Compatibility tab to select an appropriate shield for your test frame.

In The Box

The shields are shipped partially assembled, and include shield panels, mounting hardware, and remote emergency stop switch (applicable models, only).


Test Frame Model Shield Model
F105 / F305 / F505 AC1092-1*
F105 / F305 / F505 + column extension up to 24” AC1092-2*
F755 AC1092-2
F755S AC1092-1
F1505 AC1092-2
F1505S AC1092-1
ESM303 AC1092-3
ESM303 + column extension up to 24” AC1092-4
ESM750 AC1092-2
ESM750S AC1092-1
ESM1500 AC1092-2
ESM1500S AC1092-2

* An emergency stop connector must be installed in the test frame, at the factory or in the field. See Ordering Information.


IN [MM] mark-10 dimensional drawing

Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
AC1092-1 Safety shield, short high capacity test frames $2,550.00
AC1092-2 Safety shield, tall high capacity test frames $3,450.00
AC1092-3 Safety shield, short, ESM303 test stand $2,150.00
AC1092-4 Safety shield, tall, ESM303 test stand with column extension up to 24” $3,050.00
Additional Items to Consider
AC1074 Remote emergency switch (not required for Model ESM303) $250.00
09-1315 Emergency switch connector, factory installation (applicable only to Models F105 / F305 / F505 test frames) $125.00
09-1315-1 Emergency switch connector kit, customer installation (applicable only to Models F105 / F305 / F505 test frames) $75.00