Series 2

Economical Digital Force Gauges

Series 2 digital force gauges are designed for basic tension and compression force testing applications up to 500 lbF (2,500 N). Peak tension and compression readings are reliably captured via the gauges’ ±0.5% accuracy and 500 Hz sampling rate. A backlit graphic LCD displays the current, peak tension, or peak compression reading.

The gauges are overload protected to 200% of capacity. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing allows for hand held use or fixture mounting, rugged enough for applications in both production and laboratory environments. Series 2 gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands and grips.


  • Calculates peak tension and compression values
  • 3 selectable units of measurement
  • Ultra-compact, ergonomic housing
  • Configurable default measurement unit and mode
  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Large, backlit graphic display with auto-dimming
  • Powered by rechargeable battery or AC adapter
  • Reversible housing for alternate load cell orientation


Accuracy: ±0.5% of full scale
Sampling rate: 500 Hz
Power:AC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.
Battery life:Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous use
Measurement units:lbF, kgF, N
Safe overload:200% of full scale (display shows “OVER” at 110% and above)
Weight:M2-2 – M2-100: 0.7 lb [0.33 kg]
M2-200 – M2-500: 0.9 lb [0.41 kg]
Environmental requirements:40 – 100°F, max. 96% humidity, non-condensing
Warranty:3 years (see individual statement for further details)

Capacity x Resolution

Capacity x Resolution 
M2-22 x 0.0021 x 0.00110 x 0.01
M2-55 x 0.0052.5 x 0.00225 x 0.02
M2-1010 x 0.015 x 0.00550 x 0.05
M2-2020 x 0.0210 x 0.01100 x 0.1
M2-5050 x 0.0525 x 0.02250 x 0.2
M2-100100 x 0.150 x 0.05500 x 0.5
M2-200200 x 0.2100 x 0.11000 x 1
M2-500500 x 0.5250 x 0.22500 x 2

In The Box

Series 2 force gauges are shipped as shown at left, and include the following accessories:

(1) AC adapter
(1) Battery
(1) Certificate of conformance

Optional Equipment

A wide range of test stands and gripping fixtures.
A variety of attachments and accessories are available. See Optional Accessories for details.
Certificate of calibration with data (CERT)
Mounting plate
For mounting Mark-10 gauges to a fixture or testing system. Includes mounting hardware.
Note: Gauge mounting plates are included with Mark-10 test stands.


ModelLoad Cell Thread
M2-2 – M2-100#10-32 UNF
M2-200 – M2-5005/16-18 UNC

Ordering Information

ModelDescriptionUS Price
M2-2Force gauge, 2 lbF / 1 kgF / 10 N$415.00
M2-5Force gauge, 5 lbF / 2.5 kgF / 25 N$415.00
M2-10Force gauge, 10 lbF / 5 kgF / 50 N$415.00
M2-20Force gauge, 20 lbF / 10 kgF / 100 N$415.00
M2-50Force gauge, 50 lbF / 25 kgF / 250 N$415.00
M2-100Force gauge, 100 lbF / 50 kgF / 500 N$415.00
M2-200Force gauge, 200 lbF / 100 kgF / 1000 N$565.00
M2-500Force gauge, 500 lbF / 250 kgF / 2500 N$565.00
Accesories for all Series 2 Gauges
CERTCertificate of calibration with data$75.00
12-1049Carrying case$35.00
08-1026Spare rechargeable battery$20.00
AC1030Spare AC adapter, 110V US$40.00
AC1031Spare AC adapter, 220V Euro$40.00
AC1032Spare AC adapter, 220V UK$40.00
AC1035Spare AC adapter, 220V Australian$40.00
AC1052Mounting plate kit$50.00
Accessories for M2-2 – M2-100 Gauges
G1038Medium hook, #10-32M (requires G1039)$15.00
G1039Coupling, #10-32F/F$15.00
G1029Flat head, #10-32F$20.00
G1026Cone, #10-32F$20.00
G1025Chisel point, #10-32F$20.00
G1027V-groove, #10-32F$20.00
G1024Extension rod, 5″, #10-32F$20.00
23-1031-2Attachments kit (qty. 1 of G1038 through G1024)$85.00
Accessories for M2-200 – M2-500 Gauges
G1035Large hook, 5/16-18M (requires G1037)$25.00
G1037Coupling, 5/16-18F/F$25.00
G1036Flat head, 5/16-18F$25.00
G1033Cone, 5/16-18F$25.00
G1032Chisel point, 5/16-18F$25.00
G1034V-groove, 5/16-18F$25.00
G1031Extension rod, 5″, 5/16-18F$25.00
23-1031-3Attachments kit (qty. 1 ea. of G1035 through G1031)$105.00