G1028, G1035, G1038, G1042

These hooks are ideal for a variety of pull tests. Select from four sizes. A snap hook is also available.

ModelCapacity lbF [N]Weight lb [kg]
G102820 [100]0.010 [0.005]
G1038200 [1,000]0.020 [0.009]
G1035500 [2,500]0.050 [0.023]
G10421000 [4,500]0.320 [0.145]
Swivel adapter
Swiveling action provides proper sample alignment in pull testing applications
G10280.05 [1.3]1.00 [25.4]0.10 [2.5]#10-32F
G10380.20 [5.1]1.50 [38.1]0.19 [4.8]#10-32M
G10350.30 [7.6]1.90 [48.3]0.28 [7.1]5/16-18M
G10420.5 [12.7]4.10 [104.1]0.45 [11.4]1/2-20M
ModelDescriptionUS Price
G1028Small hook, #10-32F$20.00
G1038Medium hook, #10-32M$15.00
G1035Large hook, 5/16-18M$25.00
G1042Extra-large hook, 1/2-20M$30.00
Additional Items to Consider
G1018-1Swivel adapter, #10-32$65.00
G1018-2Swivel adapter, 5/16-18$65.00