3-point / 4-point Bend Fixtures for ASTM C393, C1161, D790

G1095, G1096, G1097

This family of bend fixtures is designed for 3-point and 4-point bend testing of plastics, metals, ceramics, tubing, and many other materials. Two base sizes are available, along with an upper anvil, and optional roller diameters. Use a base-anvil combination for 3-point bend testing or two bases for 4-point bend testing. The fixtures conform to ASTM C393, C1161, D790, and related standards.

Bases feature movable blocks with multiple V-grooves to accept several roller diameters. 10 mm dia. rollers are included, and other sizes are available.

The bases feature engraved rulers, dual-graduated with an inch scale on one side and mm scale on the other. Includes integrated eye end mounting, and requires an eye end adapter to mount to Mark-10 force gauges or force sensors, and test stands. The bases also include thru-holes and mounting screws for direct mounting to certain test stands.


  • Designed for 3-point and 4-point bend testing
  • Accommodate a broad sample size range
  • Rugged design
  • Dual graduated rulers – in and mm
  • Recommended for use with a motorized test stand.
  • May be used with eye end adapters or mounted to test stands with mounting screws (except anvil – eye end mounting only).


Model Capacity
lbF [kN]
lb [kg]
Housing material Block material Roller material Includes
G1095 500
2024 Al 303 SS 416 SS, hardened Screws for test stand mounting, two 10 mm dia. rollers and o-rings
G1096 2,000
2024 Al 303 SS 416 SS, hardened Screws for test stand mounting, two 10 mm dia. rollers and o-rings
G1097 2,000
303 SS 416 SS, hardened 10 mm. dia. roller and o-rings

* including two blocks and 10 mm dia. rollers

Optional Equipment

Roller kits
1 mm, 2 mm, and 5 mm diameter kits accommodate other testing requirements. Each kit includes four rollers and eight o-rings. Contact Mark-10 for other sizes.

Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation.
Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.





Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
G1095 Bend fixture base, 500 lbF $835.00
G1096 Bend fixture base, 2,000 lbF $1,150.00
G1097 Upper anvil for bend fixture bases, 2,000 lbF $160.00
AC1067 Rollers for bend fixtures, 1 mm dia., set of 4 $75.00
AC1067-1 Rollers for bend fixtures, 2 mm dia., set of 4 $75.00
AC1067-2 Rollers for bend fixtures, 5 mm dia., set of 4 $75.00
AC1067-3 Additional set of rollers for bend fixtures, 10 mm dia., set of 4 (included with bend fixture bases) $75.00