Ribbon Wrap Grip


The G1111 secures textile webbing, tape, and braided materials typically used in construction, shipping, and other industrial uses. The grip is ideal for conformance to ASTM D6775 and related standards, accommodating a wide range of sample widths and forces up to 2,000 lbF (10 kN).

Includes integrated eye end mounting, and requires an eye end adapter to mount to Mark-10 force gauges or force sensors, and test stands.


  • Secures webbing, tape, and braided materials for pull testing, as per ASTM D6775


  • Capacity:
    2,000 lbF [10 kN]
  • Weight:
    5.2 lb [2.4 kg]

In The Box

The G1111 ribbon wrap grip is shipped as shown at left, and includes the following accessories:

(1) Fixture assembly
(1) Eye end anchor pin
(2) Anchor pin for sample drum



Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
G1111 Ribbon wrap grip, 2,000 lbF $760.00