Universal V-Jaw Grip


This grip effectively secures round objects during torque and force testing. Reversible serrated jaws accommodate samples with diameters of 0.65 - 1.55 in [16.5 - 39.4 mm] while an ergonomic, rubberized knob easily engages and disengages samples. A precision Acme screw provides durability and longevity over repeated engagements.

This grip can be used either manually with an R50 torque sensor or TT03 torque gauge, or in test stand controlled applications with the TSTM-DC torque test stand.

A hex tail with female threads permits mounting to a torque gauge, force gauge, or test stand.


  • Serrated jaws secure bottle caps and other round objects
  • Precision Acme screws provides durability and longevity
  • May be used for force and torque measurements


  • Capacity - Torque:
    100 lbFin [11.3 Nm]
  • Capacity - Force:
    50 lbF [250 N]
  • Weight:
    1.50 lb [0.7 kg]
  • HS code:
  • ECCN:
  • Country of origin:

Optional Equipment

Swivel adapter
Swiveling action provides proper sample alignment in pull testing applications
Test stand adapter
Securely mounts the grip to most Mark-10 force and torque test stands via two screws. Grip may otherwise be mounted via the included stud and jam nuts.
Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation.
Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.


A B C ØD1*  ØD2*
3.1 [78.7] 1.77 [45.0] 1.6 [40.6] 1.10 - 1.55 [27.9 - 39.4] 0.65 - 1.10 [16.5 - 27.9]

Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
G1053 Universal V-Jaw grip $365.00
Additional Items to Consider
G1055 Adapter, G1053 to test stand $55.00
G1018-1 Swivel adapter, #10-32 $70.00

Includes a #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts