Model TST / TSTH

Manual Torque Test Stand

The TST Torque Measurement Test Stand is ideal for a wide variety of torque testing applications up to 100 lbFin, including closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. Smooth hand wheel operation ensures ease of use and a lever-operated slider with travel stops makes engaging and disengaging samples quick and efficient. The stand includes a torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture mounting and a resetable angle indicator. The TST’s versatile modular design allows it to be configured for a variety of torque sensors and gripping fixtures. Available in vertical and horizontal orientations.


  • Smooth hand wheel operation
  • Torque plate with tapped holes for grip and fixture mounting
  • Lever operated slider for engaging and disengaging samples
  • Angle dial with 2° resolution (optional digital angle indicator has 0.1° resolution, see Optional Equipment)


  • Maximum torque:
    100 lbFin (11.3 Nm)
  • Maximum angular travel:
    no limit
  • Throat depth:
    4.10" (104 mm)
  • Angular rate:
    12° / wheel rev.
  • Maximum slider travel:
    15.5" (394 mm)
  • Slider travel rate:
    1.047" (26.6 mm)/lever rev
  • Weight:
    TST: 33 lb [15 kg]
    TSTH: 27 lb [12.2 kg]
  • Shipping weight:
    TST: 42 lb [19.1 kg]
    TSTH: 36 lb [16.3 kg]
  • HS code:
    TST, TSTH: 9024900000
    TST001, TST001E, TSF002, SP-2736-12,-24,-42: 9024800000
  • ECCN
  • Country of origin:

In The Box

The TST and TSTH test stands are shipped as shown at left, and include the following accessories:

(4) Thumb screw for indicator
(1) Allen wrench set
(1) Base (TST)
(2) Mounting leg with hardware (TSTH)
(1) Additional column cap with hardware (TSTH)

Optional Equipment

Series R50 universal torque sensors
Mount directly to the test stand. 6 capacities are available, from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin [7 to 1,150 Ncm].
Torque indicators
Display the torque value measured by the R50 torque sensor. Basic and advanced models are available.
More basic Series TT03 integrated torque gauges can also be used.
Digital angle indicator (TST001)
Displays cw or ccw angle in 0.1° resolution for approximately 278 rotations, resettable with "zero" button. Accurate to ±0.7°. Includes backlight. Three sets of mounting holes allow the indicator to be mounted perpendicular to, or parallel to the test stand column. It can also be repositioned along the column. Rugged aluminum housing.
Horizontal / wall mounting kit (TSF002)
Pair of mounting legs for adapting the test stand to a bench, instead of the base.
axial compensator optional equipment Axial compensator (AC1029)
Allows for axial movement in threaded fasteners, bottle caps, and similar torque testing applications.
Column extension
Select from several extension lengths. Extensions increase clearance between the torque sensor and torque mounting plate. See Ordering Information table.




Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
TST Torque stand, hand wheel-operated, vertical $2,950.00
TSTH Torque stand, hand wheel-operated, horizontal $2,950.00
Additional Items To Consider
TST001 * Digital angle indicator for TST-Series stands, 110V $1,080.00
TST001E * Digital angle indicator for TST-Series stands, 220V $1,080.00
TSF002 Horiz. / wall mounting kit for TSF Series and TST Series stands $230.00
SP-2736-12 Column extension, 12 in. / 305 mm $350.00
SP-2736-24 Column extension, 24 in. / 610 mm $535.00
SP-2736-42 Column extension, 42 in. / 1065 mm $830.00

* Must be ordered upfront or installed as a retrofit at the factory. Field retrofit is not possible.