Pull Testers

Mark-10 Pull Testers consist of several components, each of which are available separately. These pull testers are suitable for applications such as wire terminal and wire crimp testing, connector removal testing, peel testing, and more. Configure your pull tester from a wide range of test stands, force gauges, grips, and accessories. See the list of items below for details.

Shown at left: ESM303 test stand with Series 5 force gauge, G1001 wire terminal grip, and G1002 dual roller grip

Mark-10 Pull Testers consist of the following:

1. Test stand - produces the force necessary for the test

2. Force Gauge - measures the force produced on the test sample

3. Grips and fixtures - many types of grips are available. All Mark-10 gauges and test stands have fixing threads to allow for alternative fixture mounting.

Application close-ups:

Wire terminal pull-off test using G1001 and G1002 grips

180° peel test using G1008 manually tightened grips