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Mark-10 in The Press
The Importance of Grip Selection in Force Measurement, Quality, March, 2017
Compression Force Testing: Why and How, Quality, November 2016
Harnessing The Power of Digital Force Gauges, Quality, September 2014
Rethinking Force Measurement, Quality, July 2013
Get Results with Force Measurement, Quality, March 2010
Torque Measurement Basics, Quality, October 2009
Interview with Quality Manufacturing Today at Control Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany, May 2009
Testing Force & Torque In Packaging Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, September 2008
Force Gauge Basics, Quality, January 2008
Is It Good?, Quality, June 2007
May The Force Be With You, Quality, August 2006
Ensuring Simplicity and Easy Operation, Quality, June 2005
The Quest For Quality with Force Measurement, Quality, June 2003

Software & Driver Downloads
MESUR™gauge Software
MESUR™gauge Plus Software
MESUR Lite Software
Plug & TestTM Software
Mark-10 USB Driver (for all Mark-10 USB devices)

Force & Torque Testers
Product Data Sheet User's Guide Video
Series 7 Digital Force Gauges
Series 5 Digital Force Gauges (M5-012 - M5-500)
Series 5 Digital Force Gauges (M5-1000)
Series 4 Digital Force Gauges  
Series 3 Digital Force Gauges
Series 2 Digital Force Gauges  
Series E Ergonomics Force Gauges          
Series TT01 Digital Cap Torque Testers
Series TT02 Digital Torque Tool Testers
Series TT03 Digital Torque Gauges  
Series TT05 Digital Torque Testers          
Model WT3-201 Wire Terminal Pull Tester
Model WT3-201M Motorized Wire Crimp Pull Tester

Indicators & Force / Torque Sensors
Product Data Sheet User's Guide
Model 7i Force/Torque Indicator
Model 5i Force/Torque Indicator
Model 3i Force/Torque Indicator
Series R01 Force Sensors
Series R02 Force Sensors
Series R03 Force Sensors
Series R04 Force Sensors
Series R05 Force Sensors
Series R50 Torque Sensors
Series R51 Torque Sensors
Series R52 Torque Sensors
Series R53 Torque Sensors
Series R54 Torque Sensors
Series R55 Torque Sensors

Test Stands
Product Data Sheet User's Guide Video
ES10 / ES20          
ESM1500FG / ESM1500LC
TSA750 / TSA750H          
TSC1000 / TSC1000H          
TSFM500-DC / TSFM500H-DC Controller:    
TST / TSTH        
TSTM-DC / TSTMH-DC Controller:    
DC Digital Controllers  

Software, Grips & Attachments, Accessories, Kits, Others
Product Data Sheet User's Guide
08-1026 Battery Installation in Legacy Gauges          
09-1090 Set Point Cable          
11-1042 Overload Protection Module          
AC1036 Calibration Kit for Series CTA          
AC1049 Calibration Kit for WT3-200 / WT3-201 / WT3-201M          
EK3 Basic Ergonomics Testing Kits
EK5 Advanced Ergonomics Testing Kits        
ESM301(L)-001 travel indication retrofit          
ESM303-003 Safety Shield For ESM303 Test Stand        
G1045 90° Peel Fixture          
G1070 Self-centering Vise Grip        
G1086 COF Fixture          
Grips & Attachments        
MESURgauge / MESURgauge Plus Software
MESURgauge Software V1.8.3
MESUR Lite Software
MRS100 / MRS100A Communication Adapters        
Mitutoyo digital travel displays
(optional for some force test stands)
RSU100 Communication Adapter          

Legacy Gauges, Testers & Test Stands
Product Data Sheet User's Guide
Series BG Digital Force Gauges
Model BGI Digital Force/Torque Gauge
Series CG Digital Force Gauges
Series EG Digital Force Gauges
Series MG Digital Force Gauges
Series MG Digital Torque Gauges
Series CT Cap Torque Testers
Series ST Torque Tool Testers
Series CTA Cap Torque Testers
Series STA Torque Tool Testers
Model WT3-200 Wire Crimp Pull Tester
Series RG Force Measurement Modules
Model ESM
Model ESMH
Model TSFM500 / TSFM500H
Model ESM300 Force Test Stand
Model ESM301 / ESM301L Force Test Stand

Legacy BGI Indicator & Force / Torque Sensors
Product Data Sheet User's Guide
Model BGI Digital Force/Torque Gauge
Series STJ Torque Sensors
Series STH Torque Sensors
Series STE Torque Sensors
Series STC Torque Sensors
Series STB Torque Sensors
Series STW Torque Wrenches
Series SS Force Sensors
Series SSM Force Sensors
Series SJR Force Sensors
Series SBC Force Sensors



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