Model TSC1000 / TSC1000H

Manual Test Stand

The TSC1000 Force Measurement Test Stand is ruggedly built for testing up to 1,000 lbF (5 kN) of compression or tension force.

A large hand wheel requires little effort, even at high loads, and a precision Acme screw and nut ensure smooth operation over time. The stand includes a loading table with threaded holes for fixture or grip mounting and a solid metal base contains a storage pocket and holes for bench mounting. Available in vertical and horizontal orientations.


  • Compatible with all Mark-10 force gauges, accessories and grips
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Loading table with 25 #10-32 UNF holes for fixture mounting
  • Precision Acme screw and nut
  • Optional digital travel display


  • Maximum force:
    1,000 lbF [5 kN]
  • Maximum travel:
    3.5" [89 mm]
  • Travel Rate:
    0.1 in [2.5 mm] per hand wheel revolution
  • Weight:
    TSC1000: 25 lb [11.3 kg]
    TSC1000H: 20 lb [9.1 kg]
  • Shipping weight:
    TSC1000: 30 lb [13.6 kg]
    TSC1000H: 28 lb [12.7 kg]
  • HS code:
    TSC1000, TSC1000H: 9024900000
    TSC001, TSA002, SP-2734-12,-24,-42: 9024800000
  • ECCN
  • Country of origin:

In The Box

The TSC1000 and TSC1000H test stands are shipped as shown at left, and include the following accessories:

(1) G1009 compression plate, 2” dia.
(1) G1009-1 compression plate, 3” dia.
(1) G1028 small hook
(1) G1030 thread adapter, 5/16-18M to #10-32F
(1) G1035 large hook
(1) G1037 coupling, 5/16-18 F/F
(1) G1038 medium hook
(1) G1039 coupling, #10-32 F/F
(1) G1041 thread adapter, 5/16-18M to #1/2-20M
(1) G1042 extra large hook
(1) G1044 1/2-20F adapter plate with mounting hardware
(1) 5/16-18 stud with jam nuts
(1) #10-32 stud with jam nuts
(1) Base (TSC1000)
(2) Mounting leg with hardware (TSC1000H)
(1) Additional column cap with hardware (TSC1000H)
(4) Thumb screw for force gauges with 0.12 - 500 lbF capacities
(4) Thumb screw for force gauges with 1,000 - 2,000 lbF capacities
(1) Allen wrench set

Optional Equipment

A wide range of force gauges and gripping fixtures
Digital travel display
6" [150 mm] travel, 0.0005" [0.01 mm] resolution, SPC output for automated data collection. To output data to a PC via USB, use communication adapter part no. MU100 and AC1105 cable.
  • Continuous data output rate is limited to 2 Hz.
  • To output force and travel data to a PC, two USB ports are required, one from the force gauge, the other from the travel display via MU100 adapter.
  • Because load cell deflection and system deflection are present and not automatically compensated for, this equipment is recommended for applications requiring at least 0.2 in [5 mm] of travel distance.
Horizontal / wall mounting kit
Pair of mounting legs for adapting the test stand to a bench, instead of the base.
Column extension
Select from several extension lengths. Extensions increase clearance between the force gauge and actuator. See Ordering Information table.

Note: Column extensions do not increase travel distance.

eye end adapters photo Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation.
Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.




Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
TSC1000 Test stand, hand wheel-operated, 1,000 lbF, vertical $1,560.00
TSC1000H Test stand, hand wheel-operated, 1,000 lbF, horizontal $1,560.00
Additional Items To Consider
TSC001 Digital travel display for TSC1000 / TSC1000H $740.00
TSA002 Horizontal/wall mount kit for TSC1000 $170.00
SP-2734-12 Column extension, 12 in / 305 mm $215.00
SP-2734-24 Column extension, 24 in / 610 mm $270.00
SP-2734-42 Column extension, 42 in / 1065 mm $375.00