Eye end adapters

  • Prevent grip rotation
  • Quick grip installation and removal
  • 15.8 mm dia. sizing, compatible with most load cells, test frames, force gauges, and grips/fixtures
  • Available as individual components or kits

Force Gauge Handle Grips

  • AC1002, AC1002-1, AC1003, AC1003-1
  • Ergonomics testing, muscle strength evaluation, job task analysis applications
  • From $95

Competitor Gauge / Test Stand Mounting Kits

  • AC1020, AC1021, AC1022, AC1023, AC1024, AC1025, AC1037, AC1038, AC1039, AC1040, AC1041, AC1042, AC1061, AC1069
  • For mounting competitor force gauges to Mark-10 test stands, and vice versa
  • From $85

Axial Compensator

  • AC1029
  • Allows for axial movement during a torque test
  • Ideal for bottle cap and fastener testing
  • $220