Our History

Mark-10 has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of products since 1979. From humble beginnings on a kitchen table, we’ve grown and specialized into a leading manufacturer of force, torque, and materials testing solutions.

Take a look at what we've accomplished over the years:

Bill Fridman

Mark-10 Corporation is founded by Bill Fridman as an engineering consultancy in New York City.


Bill and his wife, Vera, commence contract electronic manufacturing - on their kitchen table. Future Mark-10 president, Mark Fridman, runs quality control from his baby crib.

Mark-10 queens location

Mark-10 opens its first location in Kew Gardens, Queens, a small neighborhood storefront in New York City.

Mark-10 historical engineering products

Mark-10 moves to the suburbs (Hicksville, NY), adding capacity and staff. Some fun projects include a master remote control for a limousine, a portable suture strength tester for a medical device sales team, and other interesting products.

Series BG force gauge

The first Mark-10-branded force gauge, Series BG, is introduced to great acclaim. Additional force gauges, indicators with sensors, manual test stands, and grips follow throughout the 1990s.

Hicksville corporate location

Purchase of our first CNC milling machine, greatly improving production scheduling and product design flexibility. We haven't looked back - today we're particularly proud of our fleet of multi-axis, automated CNC machinery.

ESM motorized test stand

New Model ESM motorized test stand provides a simple and economical solution for push and pull applications to 200 lbF (1 kN).

Mark Fridman

Mark Fridman joins the company full-time, with initial roles in sales, marketing, and technical support. Mark is promoted to President in 2019.

Copiague corporate location map

Amid consistent, significant growth, Mark-10 purchases and moves into a 12,000 sf facility in Copiague, NY. Formerly a printing shop, the building was almost completely rebuilt to meet our needs.


MESUR®gauge software is released, providing a turnkey data collection and reporting solution for Mark-10 and third-party instrumentation.


Our next generation of force and torque gauges and testers is rolled out, starting with our Series 5 force gauges.


Recognizing the importance of wire crimp pull testing, Mark-10 introduces the integrated WT3-200 pull tester. It is followed in 2015 by the motorized WT3-201M.

ESM1500 motorized force tester

Moving on up! Expanding into higher force ranges with the 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN) capacity single-column ESM1500 force tester.


Next generation 300 lbF (3.4kN) capacity ESM303 test stand is introduced, featuring new functions such as load holding, break detection, and preload with auto zero of travel distance.


Revisiting industrial ergonomics and job task analysis with the new Series E analysis kits, featuring innovative Click-Lock® attachment locking technology.


Series F motorized test frames and IntelliMESUR® control panels are introduced, ushering in a new era of advanced functionality.


The EasyMESUR® integrated control panel is introduced offering a highly configurable and user-friendly interface for test setup, test frame control, and data collection.


Materials testing module for IntelliMESUR® is introduced. Measure stress, strain, modulus, yield, tensile strength, rupture, and other common calculations for a wide variety of materials and applications.

2023 and beyond

Focused, as always, on force and torque measurement, Mark-10 continues to invest in our people and facilities to bring class-leading testing solutions to industries worldwide.