Indicator / Load Cell Mounting Kit For ESM303

AC1062, AC1064

For securing any Mark-10 indicator and Series R01 or R03 force sensor to a Mark-10 ESM303 force test stand. The kit consists of brackets and hardware. Indicator-test stand interface cable is not included.

Optional Equipment

Load cell mounting hardware
Set of mounting hardware to mount any Series R01 load cell up to 2,000 lbF capacity and any Series R03 force sensor. Can also be adapted to other manufacturers' load cells with #10-32, 1/4-28, and 1/2-20 mounting threads. Note that Series R01 and R03 load cell part numbers ending in -1 (ex: MR01-500-1) include mounting hardware for an ESM303.



Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
AC1062 Mounting kit, indicator / load cell to ESM303 $225.00
AC1064 Load cell mounting hardware kit for ESM303 $50.00