AC Adapters

AC1030, AC1031, AC1032, AC1035

Several universal AC adapters / chargers for Mark-10 force gauge and torque gauges are available, each of which consists of a body and replaceable prong. Spare prongs are also available.

    Ordering Information

    ModelDescriptionUS Price
    AC1030AC adapter / charger, 110V$40.00
    AC1031AC adapter / charger, 220V EUR$40.00
    AC1032AC adapter / charger, 220V UK$40.00
    AC1035AC adapter / charger, 220V AUS$40.00
    Additional Items to Consider
    08-1023Prong, US$5.00
    08-1024Prong, EUR$5.00
    08-1025Prong, UK$5.00
    08-1027Prong, AUS$5.00


    1. AC1030 replaces 08-1007

    2. AC1031 replaces 08-1008

    3. Any of the above adapters are compatible with any Mark-10 force or torque gauge, except Series MG and MGT gauges manufactured before September, 2010. These gauges can be modified at the factory or in the field by enlarging the clearance hole in the housing. The additional clearance will accommodate the above adapters.

    4. The above AC adapters consist of two components – the main body, and a replaceable prong (for US, Europe, UK, and Australia). The main body is shared between all AC adapters, and is labeled as part no. 08-1022. This is not a valid order number, as it refers to the body only, without a prong.