Loop Tack Fixture


Designed for tack force testing of pressure-sensitive adhesives, in conformance with ASTM D6195 and related standards. A looped sample is loaded onto the test strip, and the closed end of the loop is secured by an upper grip (not included – suggested model: G1008). The test strip may be indexed in three positions, allowing for three tests to be performed between cleaning cycles. The strip is secured and released by a lever-operated clamp. An additional set of three test strips is available.


  • Designed for loop tack force testing
  • Quick-change mechanism for test strips
  • Conforms to ASTM D6195


  • Capacity:
    100 lbF [500 N]
  • Weight (including one test strip):
    1.10 lb [0.5 kg]
  • Test strip material:
    T304 SS, per ASTM A666

Optional Equipment

Spare test strips
Set of three test strips (one strip is included with the fixture).
Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation.
Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.



Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
G1098 Loop tack fixture, 5/16-18F $865.00
Additional Items to Consider
AC1068 Test strips for G1098, set of 3 $150.00

Includes a test strip, 5/16-18M to #10-32F thread adapter, 5/16-18 M/M stud with jam nuts, and #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts.