Compression Plates

G1009, G1009-1, G1009-2, G1009-3

These aluminum compression plates are ideal for testing springs, foams, and other materials. The plates attach directly to Mark-10 force gauges and test stands.


  • Select from two sizes, with or without vented channels
  • Mounting threads accommodate Mark-10 force gauges, sensors, and test stands


Model Capacity
lbF [N]
lb [kg]
G1009, G1009-2 200 [1,000] 0.08 [0.04]
G1009-1, G1009-3 500 [2,500] 0.27 [0.12]

Optional Equipment

Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation.
Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.


Model ØA Thread
G1009, G1009-2 2.0 [51.0] #10-32F
G1009-1, G1009-3 3.0 [76.2] 5/16-18F

Ordering Information

Model Description US Price
G1009 Compression plate, 2″ dia. $45.00
G1009-1 Compression plate, 3″ dia. $80.00
G1009-2 Compression plate, 2″ dia. with vented channels $70.00
G1009-3 Compression plate, 3″ dia. with vented channels $105.00

G1009 and G1009-2 include a #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts
G1009-1 and G1009-3 include a 5/16-18 M/M stud with jam nuts