Compression Plates

G1009, G1009-1, G1009-2, G1009-3

These aluminum compression plates are ideal for testing springs, foams, and other materials. The plates attach directly to Mark-10 force gauges and test stands.

  • Select from two sizes, with or without vented channels
  • Mounting threads accommodate Mark-10 force gauges, sensors, and test stands
lbF [N]
lb [kg]
G1009, G1009-2200 [1,000]0.08 [0.04]
G1009-1, G1009-3500 [2,500]0.27 [0.12]
Eye end adapters
Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation. Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges.
G1009, G1009-22.0 [51.0]#10-32F
G1009-1, G1009-33.0 [76.2]5/16-18F
ModelDescriptionUS Price
G1009Compression plate, 2″ dia.$40.00
G1009-1Compression plate, 3″ dia.$75.00
G1009-2Compression plate, 2″ dia. with vented channels$65.00
G1009-3Compression plate, 3″ dia. with vented channels$100.00

G1009 and G1009-2 include a #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts
G1009-1 and G1009-3 include a 5/16-18 M/M stud with jam nuts