Measuring Flex Force to Determine Optimal Ski Selection

Nordic Ultratune, a dealer and service center for cross country skis located in Winthrop, WA, has been offering customers specialized tuning and configuration services with the help of Mark-10 force measurement products.

By flexing the ski behind the balance point (approximate location of the ball of the foot), the company is able to collect force measurement data and combine it with camber (ski arch) distance and camber height measurements to create a detailed report.

With the report’s data in hand, Nordic Ultratune characterizes various ski models to match them to the unique preferences of the skier. The force vs. camber information helps to determine optimum snow conditions, boot binding position, wax type for the underside of the ski, and general comfort level for the skier.

Products used:

“The reliability, simplicity, and cost effectiveness of the Mark-10 stand and gauge have helped me satisfy my customers, and lead to repeat business.”

– Mark Waechter, President of Nordic Ultratune

For more information about Nordic Ultratune and their ski flex analysis services, click here.